Hilary Schwartz
2 min readOct 31, 2019


The Democratic Primary’s Racial Crime

It beyond infuriates me that Kamala has had attacks about whether she’s truly “African American” and her racial authenticity when Elizabeth Warren literally pretended to be a person of color for decades! It’s outrageously unfair.

I think Warren has gotten inoculation because of the terrible racist Trump Pocahontas attacks and the fact that those attacks often come from the right. But from a liberal perspective, how is it okay to claim to be a woman of color and and put that on employment and license records based on vague family lore? How is that not some Rachel Dolezal crap?

Harvard did consider her a minority and used it for diversity reporting. She was reported as being Harvard’s first hired “woman of color” and listed in a women of color in legal academia directory.

Perhaps people think since it’s Native American and there are so few of them that thinking you have a bit somewhere far in your background counts. But in fact claiming that status does NOT rely on self-reporting. You need to be documented with a tribe. And Cherokee has among if not the best records. Oklahoma has the third highest Native America population of the states and she took Native American law in school. She would have known that.

Would it be okay if she claimed to be black, especially if such documentation were required? Would people think of it differently if they knew she was claiming to be a minority and person of color? Is it because there are so few Native Americans to scream about this that we don’t care?

Diversity consideration and reporting is truly important for very good reasons, especially for Native Americans in this country. It’s not a little thing.

A woman has recently been sentenced to jail for claiming her son was black on a school application. How is what Warren did not racial fraud and the worst type of cultural appropriation?

I’ve been reluctant to attack her based on this as I didn’t want to do it to a woman and besides that, would certainly rather have her over Sanders and don’t want him to benefit if she falls. But in light of what Kamala has gotten?! It’s a crime and disgusting!

And soon we’ll have to pick from: the near-80-year-old white man who wrote the crime bill, was aligned with segregationists and says all kinds of weird race stuff; the recovering heart attack near-80 white man who voted for the crime bill, bragged about it and just said late last year that people who don’t vote for black people aren’t racist; the white man with tons of racist police issues in his town; and the white woman who claimed to be a minority for decades. But we stuck it to that black/Indian prosecutor who did make real reforms. Great job, Democrats.